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Aguni Island

Aguni island is located about 60kms off the westcoast of Okinawa mainland.

What makes Aguni so special is "Fish tornadoes". During the season, schools of thousands of bigeye trevally form tornadoes there, which is absolutely spectacular to see. And not only fish tornadoes, but also different kinds of sharks including hammerheads, napoleon wrasse, schools of barracudas, rays, etc, are seen all the time at Aguni. It is a big stuff heaven!

Diving in Aguni can be very challenging and it's a very early morning trip, but it is definitely worth it. 

Season : Late April to July

Dive sites : Fuden saki

Attractions : Bigeye trevally's fish tornadoes, sharks, schools of tuna, schools of barracudas, napoleon wrasse, rays, etc

Depth : 15~30mtrs/45~100ft

Visibility : 20~35mtrs+

Required level : Advanced and 80 logged dives. strong swimmer, no issue with a quick negative entry, experience of drift diving.

<Time schedule>

0320 - Pick up at the hotel and stop by the supermarket to buy lunch

0400 - Arrival at the port , get on a boat, assemble gear, etc

0430 - Boat departure for Aguni island

0645 - 1st dive

0915 - 2nd dive, then lunch

1130 - 3rd dive

1230 - Leave Aguni island

1430 - Back to the port

1530 - Back to the Chatan

*We will stay onboard all day.

Price : ¥23,000(3dives) + ¥4,000(a full set of equipment if a diver needs to rent)


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