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Cape Hedo

Cape Hedo is located at the northern tip of Okinawa mainland.

This destination is famous for "Hedo Air Dome" which is an underwater stalactite cave and you can surface inside. It's a very unique dive site and attracts lots of adventurous divers.

Also Cape Hedo offers nice wall dives with lots of sea-fan corals, rare gobies, and schools of tuna and occasionally big sharks in the blue water. 

Diving here are drift diving done by steep drop-offs and the bottom can be 30mtrs+, so participants are required to have an Advance certificate with 50 logged dives.

Dive Sites : Hedo Air Dome, Twin Rocks, Canyon, Kayauchi Panda​, Shark point

Attractions : "Hedo Air Dome", white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks, tunas, decorated gobies, sea-fan corals, etc.


D​epth : 15~40mtrs / 45~130ft

​Visibility : 15~30mtrs

REQUIRED LEVEL : Advanced​ and 30 logged dives. Comfortable with dark and overhead circumstances. We do drift dives at Hedo.


<Time schedule>

0600 - Pick up at the hotel and head to the port

0815 - Arrival at the port and assemble gear on the jetty

0900 - Boat departure for the 1st dive

0915 - 1st dive

1000 - Head to the port

1015 - Back to the port

1045 - Boat departure for the 2nd dive

1100 - 2nd dive

1145 - Head to the port

1200 - Back to the port

1230 - Leave the port

1445 - Back to the hotel

*The boat ride is 10-15minutes to thdive sites. We will come back to the port after diving and spend an interval there.


Price : ¥19,000(2dives) + ¥4,000(a full set of equipment if a diver needs to rent)


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