Iheya Island

Iheya is the northernmost island of Okinawa prefecture so it is located further northwest of Cape Hedo.

It is a small island and its atmosphere is very peaceful and far from touristy, which produces a number of great dive sites. 

Above all others, coral reefs are incredibly beautiful and healthy, which attract many fishes. And for those who love big and schools of fishes there is an exposed rock away from the island which is a hot spot for tuna, big eye trevally, barracuda, sharks, etc. And dive sites are always to ourselves! Never gets crowded.

The Iheya trips are 2nights-stay, 5dives. We go there several times a year between May and October. 

Dive sites : Indy, Isobana, Majin boo, Triangle, Mini Arch, Suu ka buya, etc...

Depth : 15~30mtrs/45~100ft

Visibility : 20~35mtrs+

Recommended level : Basic to Advance. We occasionally do drift dives, aiming for big fishes.

Attractions : Super healthy coral reefs which is hard to see in Okinawa mainland (don't get me wrong Okinawa mainland has beautiful coral reefs but Iheya's reefs are just beyond them!), colorful sea-fan corals, big fishes, white tip reef sharks, tuna, napoleon wrasse, barracuda, white spotted eagle ray, marble ray, etc...


<Time schedule>


(0830 - Depart Chatan)

1000 - Meet up at Unten port

1100 - Ferry departure

1220 - Arrive at Iheya

1330~1700 - 2dives




0900~1200 - The island tour (We'll circle around the island!)

1300 - Ferry departure

1420 - Back to Okinawa mainland, and drive back

* You can take an early ferry for return if needed (Depart Iheya at 0900 and back to mainland at 1020)

Price for 2022 : ¥69,000

** The price includes everything (ferry rides, diving, accommodation, meals, etc) except for gear

IN 2022, WE HAVE THE IHEYA TRIPS ON MAY 27-29, JUL2-4, AND SEP 30 - 0CT 2!!

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