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Kerama Islands

Kerama islands are a group of 20 islands located 40kms off the westcoast of Okinawa mainland and one of the highlighted dive sites in Okinawa. There are over 50 dive sites there and sea life is abundant and diverse.

Dive sites :

"Kuroshima" (黒島) - Kuroshima Twin Rocks, Kuroshima South, Kuroshima West, Kuroshima Hija Bay

"Nakajima" (中島) - Nakajima East, Nakajima East of East

"Maejima" (前島) - Paraiso, Maejima South, Maejima Channel

"Gishippu island" (義志布島)- Jitsuru, Akaya, Turtle Reef, Cabbage Farm, Sand Triangle, Kamigu

"Tokashiki island" (渡嘉敷島) - Nozaki, Ariga Cable, Kamigusuku, Kurumai

"Zamami island" (座間味島) - 6banzaki, 7banzaki, Chishi, Uchakashi, Yuigahama, Touma No.1, Touma No.2, Dragon Lady, Ozone, Rukahi no Hana

"Aka-jima" (阿嘉島) - Secret Cave, Turtle Bay

"Kuba-jima" (久場島) - Konse, Kubajima Canyon

"Oujima" (奥武島) - Oujima No.1, Oujima No.2, Oujima No.5

"Yakabi-jima" (屋嘉比島) - Takachinshi

"Kamiyama" (神山) - Kamiyam Labyrinth

"Nagannu" (ナガンヌ) - Nagannu North, Nagannu South, Nagannu Sone






Depth : 15~30mtrs/45~100ft

Visibility : 15~30mtrs+

Recommended level : Beginner to Advance. We often do drift dives.

Attractions : Anemone fish, nudie branch, garden eels, frog-fish, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, white tip reef sharks, tuna, napoleon wrasse, giant trevally, white spotted eagle rays, etc...

Although the chance is not very high, manta rays are spotted several times a year so let's get your fingers crossed for them!

<Time schedule>

0720 - Pick up at the hotel and stop by the supermarket to buy lunch

0800 - Arrival at the port , get on a boat, assemble gear, etc

0845 - Boat departure for Kerama islands

1000 - 1st dive

1130 - Change the site and 2nd dive

1230 - Lunch

1345 - Change the site and 3rd dive

1500 - Leave Kerama islands

1600 - Back to the port

1700 - Back to the hotel

* We will stay onboard all day.

** The boat ride to Kerama islands is 1hour-ish. 

Price : ¥19,000(3dives) + ¥4,000(a full set of equipment if a diver needs to rent)


"Contact" below or call us on

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