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Manza is located in Onna village in Okinawa mainland.

Manza is famous for its land formation including holes ("Dream Hole"), crevasses, tunnel, steep drop-offs, etc.

Also, macro creatures are very diverse here so if you like underwater photography, you will love here.

​Diving here are mostly drop-off diving and the bottom can be 30mtrs+, so divers are recommended to have an Advance certificate.

Dive Sites : ​Horse Shoe, Toilet Bowl, Over Head Rock, Dream Hole, Mini Dream Hole, Nakayukui, Cross Line, etc...

Depth : 20~40mtrs/66~130ft

Visibility : 15~30mtrs+

​Recommended level : Advance​

Attractions : Many types of nudie branch, pigmy seahorse, ghost-pipefish, frog-fish, little dragon-fish/sea moth, green turtles, blacktip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, white spotted eagle rays, etc.

<Time schedule>

0720 - Pick up at the hotel and stop by the supermarket to buy lunch

0810 - Arrival at the port and assemble gear on the jetty

0845 - Boat departure for the 1st dive

0900 - 1st dive

1000 - Back to the port to change tanks

1045 - Boat departure for the 2nd dive

1100 - 2nd dive

1200 - Back to the port, tank change, and lunch

1330 - Boat departure for the 3rd dive

1340 - 3rd dive

1445 - Back to the port

1515 - Leave the port

1600 - Back to the hotel

* The boat ride to the dive sites is 5-10minutes from the port. We will come back to the port every after diving and spend intervals there.


Price : ¥18,000(3dives) + ¥4,000(a full set of equipment if a diver needs to rent)


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Overseas (Also WhatsApp here)


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