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  Similan Tour 2019 Dec

One more trip to Similan in 2019! Whale sharks again??


We have been having great times at Similan islands last 3 years. Especially the trip in this April 2019, we were blessed to see a whale shark! What a gentle and lovely creature.


Our 5days live-aboard trip there is always filled with fun and laughs,

lots of memories, fantastic diving, amazing foods, with great people!! 

Please check the short movie of our last trip.→→

And we have organised the next trip in Dec 2019 to this beautiful

islands to have another blast for the start of the season there.

So here is again....

What if you could do 

A live-aboard trip in Similan islands, with friendly locals,

and 100% authentic Thai meals, for the best deal?

Isn't it tempting?


Thailand offers great diving in a tropical climate and Similan islands rank at the top of it. Simply, it is a must place to visit if you are a diver. The season starts in Nov and goes all the way to the end of April, and during that period, the water is very warm around 30C/88F, the sun is shining in the sky, and there are so many dive sites which offer a diversity of sea life. 

In December 2019, OKINAWA 39ers offers a 5days live-aboard trip in Similan islands and around areas including the world famous "Richelieu Rock".

Similan islands are known as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world and divers are coming from all over the world to enjoy big creatures including manta rays, eagle rays, nurse sharks, etc, and macro creatures like frog fish, ghost pipefish, and tons of nudie branches. And although there are many sites in Thailand for diving with whale sharks, Richelieu Rock stands at the top of the list.

Also, if you haven't been on a live-aboard boat, you will be hooked!! You will be spoiled by being onboard because all you do are dive, eat, and sleep. You dive for 1hour long, then come back to the boat and there are delicious authentic Thai foods being prepared. And after having meals, you will have a 2 - 3hours interval so take a nap or read or do whatever you feel like while off-gassing nitrogen and be ready for the next dive.
Lastly, we will be diving with friendly locals so the foods are all truly authentic Thai food. And also you will enjoy Thai culture. But briefing is done in English so don't worry too much.

Any reason not to join??

↑↑Click a photo for explanation.


Dec 4th - 9th, 2019


4th - Meeting up at Phuket airport

We will be meeting up at Phuket international airport in the evening at 2000-ish, then will be transferred to the port by a shuttle van. Once we get to the port, we get on a boat and depart before midnight.

We will start diving in the next morning.


5th - 3dives + 1night dive

6th - 3dives + 1night dive

7th - 3dives + 1night dive

8th - 3dives

9th - Back to the port in the morning

Once we get back to the port, we will be transferred to the airport by 1200 and you are free to go!

If you take a flight from Phuket on the 9th, please make sure that it departs after 1300. If you need to leave before that, please ask us before booking.

Price and Condition


$1,150 !!! 

(Only 6 spots available for this trip)


  • The price above includes a diving fee(15dives ~ 4dives x 3days & 3dives x 1day), a room onboard(a twin-beds room), 3 meals a day, snacks and drinks, tanks and weights, transportation between airport and port, National Park fee to dive at Similan islands.

  • We will meet up directly at Phuket airport so the round flight ticket to/from Phuket is NOT included in the price above. (The round flight ticket between Okinawa and Phuket is available from $400. If you live in Okinawa, we can book the ticket for you with the least expense and travel together.)

  • Also if you need rental equipment, you can rent them from us so feel free to ask us.

  • The due date is 1st of September, 2019.


"Contact" below or call us on

Inside Japan


Overseas (Also WhatsApp here)


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