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Sunabe Seawall

Sunabe Seawall is one of the most popular shore dive sites in Okinawa.

Sunabe has a wide variety of soft corals like a flower garden, which you won't see in Kerama islands and other sites in Okinawa mainland.

Further, Sunabe Seawall is relatively easy dive site so it is suitable for check dives for those who haven't dived for a while, beginners, and non-certified divers who want to try "intro/discovery diving" before taking a license course.

Attractions : ​Colourful soft corals, anemone fishes, nudie branch, the underwater post(!), etc


Depth : 7~20mtrs/20~66ft

Visibility : 10mtrs+

Recommended level : Beginner, Refresher, Intro/Discovery diving


<Time schedule>

0800 - Pick up at the hotel and head to Sunabe Seawall

0815 - Arrival at the seawall, assemble gear and a dive briefing

0900 - 1st dive

1015 - Back to the seawall and take a shower

1100 - Back to the hotel

Price :

Fun diving - ¥7,000(1dive) / ¥11,000(2dives) + ¥4,000(a full set of equipment if a diver needs to rent)

Intro/Discovery diving - ¥10,000(1dive including rental equipment)


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