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Tengan Pier

Tengan Pier is the nudie capital in Okinawa. There is nowhere else you can see this much of them in Okinawa and you will see at least 20 or more.

Also, there are many colourful sea-fans and sponges there so both macro and wide lovers will enjoy this site. 
Tengan Pier is done only by shore entry and we will have to long-surface swim to the main area.
If you like underwater photography, you will love here.

Attractions : ​Lots of nudie branch, colourful sea-fans and sponges, etc.


Depth : ~15mtrs / ~45ft

Visibility : 10mtrs+

Recommended level : Advanced, those who like underwater photography

<Time schedule>

0730 - Pick up at the hotel and head to Tengan Pier

0815 - Arrival at the Pier, assemble gear and start a dive briefing

0845 - 1st dive

1015 - Back to the land and take an interval

1115 - 2nd dive

1245 - Back to the land, disassemble gear

1345 - Back to the hotel

Price : ¥13,000(2dives) + ¥4,000(a full set of equipment if a diver needs to rent)


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Overseas (Also WhatsApp here)


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