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USS Emmons

USS Emmons is the deep wreck located near Kouri island Its body is 100mtrs/330ft long and it rests at the bottom of the sea at 40mtrs.

Since it is a deep dive and the body is huge, we do 2dives to see the entire wreck, e.g. the 1st dive is from the bow to the centre and the 2nd dive is from the centre to the stern, or the other way around.
The current can be very strong and it is a deep dive so we ask our guests to be advanced certified with 50 logged dives.


Attractions : USS Emmons. The wreck includes anchor, propellers, canons, missiles, keel, a memorial plate, etc...

There are no penetrations.


D​epth : 35~40mtrs+/115~130ft+

​Visibility : 25~35mtrs

REQUIRED LEVEL : Advance​d​ and 80 logged dives. Also we ask our guests to dive with us for 2days and Emmons is on the 2nd day.


<Time schedule>

0650 - Pick up at the hotel and head to the port

0820 - Arrival at the port and assemble gear on the jetty

0900 - Boat departure for the 1st dive

0920 - 1st dive

1000 - Head to the port

1020 - Back to the port

1140 - Boat departure for the 2nd dive

1200 - 2nd dive

1200 - Head to the port

1220 - Back to the port

1300 - Leave the port

1430 - Back to the hotel

*The boat ride is 10minutes to Emmons. We will come back to the port after diving and spend an interval there.


Price : ¥19,000(2dives) + ¥4,000(a full set of equipment if a diver needs to rent)


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Overseas (Also WhatsApp here)


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