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Zanpa is located in Yomitan.
Zanpa is famous for its wall-diving and the chance of seeing large fish like white tip reef sharks, giant trevally, napoleon wrasse, white spotted eagle rays, etc.

Also, there are various sites which you will see lots of colourful soft corals.
​The current can be strong and many of the sites in Yomitan are drop-off dives so divers are recommended to have an Advance certificate.

Dive sites : Zanpa Lighthouse, Kouri Zanpa, Double Rocks, Mishiragi, Nagahama, Ufuguchi, Alvila Mae, Inanbishi, etc...​

Depth : 15~30mtrs/45~100ft

Visibility : 20mtrs+​

​Recommended level : Advance​

Attractions : Nudie branch, pigmy seahorse, ghost-pipefish, green turtles, white tip reef sharks, giant trevally, napoleon wrasse, white spotted eagle rays, etc.

<Time schedule>

0740 - Pick up at the hotel, stop by the supermarket to buy lunch, and head to the port

0820 - Arrival at the port and assemble gear on the jetty

0900 - Boat departure for the 1st & 2nd dive

0920 - 1st dive

1020 - Change tanks and head to the 2nd dive site

1100 - 2nd dive

1150 - Head to the port for lunch

1210 - Back to the port and lunch time

1350 - Boat departure for the 3rd dive

1400 - 3rd dive

1450 - Head to the port

1500 - Back to the port and pack up gear

1530 - Leave the port

1600 - Back to the hotel

*The boat ride is 10-30minutes from the port. We will come back to the port after the 2nd dive for lunch.

Price : ¥18,000(3dives) + ¥4,000(a full set of equipment if a diver needs rent)


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