Welcome to Okinawa, and welcome to OKINAWA 39ers!!

First, a little bit about Okinawa.

Okinawa is located in the southwest of Japan and is a chain of 140 islands. The climate is very nice and warm to hot most of the year, and little chilly during the winter time.

And diving is absolutely amazing here. Same as temple and castle visit in Kyoto, shopping and night out in Tokyo, skiing and snowboarding in Hokkaido, Mt.Fuji, hot springs, sushi and yummy foods, etc.. diving in Okinawa is one of the must things to do in Japan. You will encounter with turtles, sharks, nudie branch, beautiful coral reefs, stunning land formations, etc... All in a world-class transparent water. Yes, sea-life is just so diverse here.

And a little bit about us.

We are located in Chatan, the centre of Okinawa mainland, which is 45mins drive to the north from the airport, and dive pretty much entire Okinawa mainland and remote islands nearby on a daily basis.

We started our business in July 2014 and have been having amazing times with gorgeous, passionate, laidback, cool, and lovely guests from all over the world. (Please see our blog http://okinawa39ers.blogspot.jp)

Fun never stops.

Also, we try our best to make your stay here special so please ask our local staff for not only diving but also yummy local eateries, nice cafes, must place to visit for sightseeing, etc, between diving.


We look forward to seeing you here very soon.

Team OKINAWA 39ers


May 6th


Dear guests,

We regret to announce that we will extend our shutdown until May 20th on government's request. In the meantime, the situation in Okinawa is relatively stable last several days so we will proceed this way!

Apr 24th, 2020

Dear guests,

A State of Emergency has been announced for entire Japan with respect to Corona virus and an extra care is required in Okinawa as well.​ So we are sorry that we have decided to be closed on Apr 24th - May 6th.

It's a great pity to do this since winter is over and the season of diving is about to kick off here. But seeing the current situation and to enjoy the dives and the water in Okinawa to the fullest later, we think now is the time to step down.

We are still reachable during this period for later bookings so please do not hesitate to contact.

+81 80 2085 9138(WA) / info@okinawa39ers.com

We hope everyone stays safe and look forward to seeing you later!

Until then.

Team OKINAWA  39ers  



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