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Hometown:Shizuoka (Where Mt. Fuji is located)


Favourite things to do:travelling, reading, watching movies

Least favourite things:Karaoke

Favourite writer:Haruki Murakami

If you got $10,000?:Laser eye surgery


License:NAUI instructor, IANTD OW Side Mount

Favourite dive point:Yonaguni Island

Non favourite dive point:Kuroshima South --- I get lost often



Daisuke Uruchida


Ola, Hello, Oi, Sawadee khrap, Konnichiwa!!

I was born in Shizuoka, the home of Mt.Fuji (I haven't climbed it yet though). I moved to Tokyo when I was 18years old and stayed there for 12years.


Deciding to leave Japan at the age of 31, I moved to Australia. That was the biggest change I had ever experienced and it made my life totally different to what it had been. I lived, hung out, studied, played, and worked with the people from all over the world. Those are the most precious moments of my life so far.


In Australia, I studied Marine Tourism in a college in Freemantle, Western Australia. That is when I started diving. I also worked as a deckhand on a sailing boat and a barista in a busy cafe near the world-famous Manly beach in New South Wales.


After four years in Australia, I left and traveled for six months in South and North America, then headed back to Japan in March 2011, right after the earthquake.


After coming back to Japan, I came to Okinawa straight away to start my career as a scuba diver.

Having worked for three years as a diver, I started my own shop in July 2014.


Complementary to my own overseas experience, it is now my turn to introduce Japan from here in Okinawa to people from all over the world.


Meeting up with people is the best thing anyone can do in a lifetime. I would like to meet and get to know as many people from all over the world as possible. And I would also like to help them to get to know, see and experience Japan.


I am here to share and enjoy every moment, with you, not only underwater, but also topside in friendly, beautiful Okinawa.


See you soon!!

20th July, 2014




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