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Whale Swim 2024

Don't you wanna see humpback whales in the water? 

They come to the Okinawa mainland during the winter season on migration so whale-watching tours are very popular in Okinawa. But if you are a bit more adventurous and wanna share the moment with them underwater, whale-swim tours will be the one!


January 20 to March 24, 2024

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<Time schedule>

0545 - Pick up or meet up at the shop in Chatan and head to the port 

0630 - Arrive at the port and prepare for the departure

0715 - Boat departure. Look for whales! 

1430/1500 - Back to the port, and drive back to Chatan​


- Scuba or Free diving certification



** Gear is not included in the price above.

Whale Swim is not an activity in calm water. The boat will be basically out in the middle of the ocean all day and it is heavily affected by winds and waves so it might be rocking most of the time.

- Whale Swim in Okinawa is a snorkeling activity, not scuba, and fin kicking on the surface and free diving are strongly prohibited. So we slide into the water quietly from the boa​t, float on the surface without moving, and watch whales in the water.

For further questions or bookings, please contact us via email, contact form on our website, WhatsApp, or any of our social media. We don't take a phone call for Whale Swim. Thanks!


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