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--- For those who wanna be a diver or go further


We have several courses here from the entry level to those who wanna be a profesional.


Open Water Scuba Diver (OW)

This is the entry course of Scuba diving, so if you are not certified yet, you will start from this course. With this license, you can go diving all over the world!!


Minimum days required : 3days (You need to stay in Okinawa for 4days and 3nights.)

Dives required : 1 confined water dive + 5 open water dives

Academics : Required (online or classroom)


Course Itinerary

Day 1 - A classroom and confined water session in a swimming pool (0900 - 1400)

Day 2 - Open water session (3dives, 0800 - 1500)

Day 3 - Open water session (2dives, 0800 - 1200)


* Dives will be beach diving.



Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver (AOW)

As the course name says, this is the step up course. We do a boat diving, deep diving down to 30mtrs/100ft, efficient finning technique training, night diving, etc.


Minimum days required : 2days + (3days and 2nights stay in Okinawa will do, but 4days and 3nights is recommended)

Dives required : 6 dives

Academics : Required

Certifications required : Entry level certs, e.g. Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, etc.


Course Itinerary

ASD has 6 dives including Deep dive, Compass navigation training, and Night dive. Also, we go on a boat for at least one of 6 dives.



Rescue Diver (RD)

Diving could be a dangerous activity if something goes wrong. If you keep diving, you might face some dangerous situations at some stage.

Learning how to handle those situations will give you lots of confidence, and let you enjoy your diving life more.

We cannot make risk zero but can minimize it. And in case something does happen, we need to act to keep it to the minimum. That's what you learn in this course.


Minimum days required : 2days (3days and 2nights stay will do this course.)

Dives required : 2

Academic : Required

Certifications required : CPR and First Aid certifications



Refresher Course

If you have not dove for a long time and are not sure about diving, it might be a good idea to quick refresh your skill and knowledge so that you will be confident in diving again.

Refresher course is NOT a certification course, so what we do depends on what you wanna do.


Minimum days required : 1 day

Dives required : 1 or 2

Academic : Available, but not required



Master Scuba Diver (MSD)

Ask for details



Dive Master (DM)

Ask for details




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