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Be a Nitrox certified diver!!

Don't you want to extend your bottom time, lessen your surface intervals, and maximize your every dive?

Or simply speaking, wanna dive as much as you can during your holiday but you are a bit worried about your health?


Then, Nitrox Diver course will be the one for you. 


You will breathe a higher percentage of oxygen than normal air, which offers you several advantages including a longer dive time, shorter interval, less tiring after diving, etc. 

In this course, you will learn;

・Advantages, disadvantages, and potential risks of using enriched air Nitrox tanks,

・Oxygen toxicity, 

・The concept of Equivalent Air Depth (EAD)

・Dive planning with nitrox

・Gas analysing procedure


<Course fee>

¥24,000 including course materials, rental equipment,

application fee, 2dives. 

* The course takes a single day.

** A theory part needs to be done online prior to your arrival to Okinawa.

And here is the special deal!!

Now you can upgrade the dives of the course to 3 tank boat dives in Kerama islands with extra charge, ¥12,000, which offers;

1, Extra 1dive, so the number of dives increases from 2 to 3.

2, Boat dives with a fully equipped diving boat.

3, The regular price for Kerama islands day trip is ¥19,000(3dives) + ¥4,000(a full set of rental equipment). So you can save ¥11,000 by combining the course with this boat day trip to stunning islands and you will be Nitrox-certified afterward.


Becoming a Nitrox diver is a big trend in the diving world. If you go to the popular live-aboard diving destinations like Palau, Maldives, etc, the boats will strongly encourage divers to be Nitrox-certified to maximize and meet their diving schedule. So let's get certified and enrich your diving life!!



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