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FUN DIVING --- for certified divers


Normally fun diving will be boat diving, so if you would like to do beach diving, please let us know when you make a reservation.
We choose the sites based on your request, skill level, sea conditions, etc.

The schedules below are for reference.



<Boat Diving>

For boat diving, Kerama islands is a popular destination. Also, Onna area (Manza "Dream Hole", Maeda "Blue Cave", etc....), Itoman Area, Zanpa, East coast, etc, are on the list.

Boat diving is normally 3 tank dives.

<Beach Diving>

Sunabe Seawall(Miyagi coast) and Cape Maeda are popular sites. If you are Advanced certified, you will love Horse Shoe, Toilet Bowl, and Zampa lighthouse.

We occasionally go to Motobu near the Churaumi aquarium. If you like macro creatures, we have some unrevealed local dive sites so please ask for details.

Beach diving would also be the choice for those who arrive at Okinawa and would like to go diving straight away.


*Schedule is flexible for beach diving so please let us know your schedule.




<Night Diving>

Night time is very different underwater as well as on land. You could say it is another world. Where you have dived a lot will turn to be a completely new world and shrimps, crabs, and octopus will be crawling all over the place.

And on top of it, the darkness you will go into only with a flashlight will be very mysterious. You will be amazed how fast time goes by.

So let's try!!



<Special Tour>

Special tours, Aguni island Fish Tornado, Tonaki island, USS Emmons, etc.., are seasonally planned, so ask for the details please.

Blue Hole, Tonaki island
White tip reef shark
Coral reef in Kerams islands


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