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It has been a year!!


Thanks everyone for your support, coming all the way to Okinawa and diving with us.

The past year we have been very busy at OKINAWA 39ers, and have had so much fun in the process.

It has been a pleasure to dive with so many different nationalities from all over the world. (Please see our blog


Your smile makes us smile.


We always try our best to make your stay here special, and we want to be a part of your memory of your visit Japan and the beautiful island of Okinawa.


We look forward to seeing you here very soon.


27th September, 2015


Daisuke Uruchida



Jan, 1st, 2016

Happy New Year everyone!!

Hope the year 2016 will be great for each and every one of you.

Also we are now looking for staff joining our team.

More details at STAFF WANTED!!


Nov, 7th, 2015

Yonaguni Tour 2016!!

In this coming winter, we set three trips down to Yonaguni islands, which is the westernmost island of Japan and where the group of Hammer Head Sharks and the myterious underwater ruin are.

More details at Yonaguni Tour 2016


Sep, 27th, 2015

It has been a year so we renewed our webpage!!


Feb, 21st, 2015

OKINAWA 39ers will be closed from 21st of Feb to 15th of March. While we are closed, you can still reach us through email so please give us a message on and book your diving for the spring season.
We look forward to diving with you!!



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