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Frequent Asked Questions


Here are the questions we are often asked. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any other questions.


Do you offer pick-up service?


A : We offer pickup service for those who are staying in Chatan. If you are staying somewhere not in Chatan, we will most likely ask you to come to either our shop or the port on your own in the morning. 

And, where we are located, Chatan, is in the centre of Okinawa and is a very convenient area. There are three beaches, Araha beach, Sunset beach, and Sunabe Coast(Miyagi Coast), which are all within a walking distance. Also, there is a famous shopping mall "American village".


If you have a rental car, it will take about 45mins from Naha to here and 30 - 45mins from here to Onna Village, depending on the traffic. So we would recommend you to book your accommodation in Chatan if you haven't reserved your place to stay yet.

Prices range from ¥2,000 per night for dormitory-type hostels, ¥4,000 - ¥7,000 for budget hotels, and much more for luxury resort hotels. You can often get a waterfront room too.


We would be happy to introduce you an accommodation with discount, so please ask for details.


I am flying out tonight. Can I dive in the morning?


A : Sorry but you cannot.
Divers are strongly recommended to have at least 18hours out of the water prior to their flight.

On the other hand, you can dive immediately after flying in.

How about snorkeling? No problem at all. You can get on a plane with your hair still wet!!


I have never dived before. What should I bring?


A : Please bring your swimwear(board shorts, swimming pants, bikini, etc) and towel. Basically, that's all you need.

Sunscreen would be nice since the sun is very strong here in Okinawa.








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